Our Mission

To assist young women in leading healthy lives through self-exploration, increased self-awareness, and building relationships based in integrity and mutual respect.

_MG_5095The Academy at Sisters is a premier therapeutic and academic boarding school for at-risk young women ages 13-18 located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains, the community of Bend was recently ranked the second safest small town in the U.S.A.

For nearly two decades, the Academy has provided a small, structured, positive environment where young women develop the skills needed to improve their lives, their relationships, and their future.

_MG_5574The Academy at Sisters focuses on success. We offer comprehensive, individualized, evidence based therapies, in conjunction with, accredited, college preparatory academics to assist students in achieving both their personal and academic goals. Caring, experienced therapists, mentors, and teachers facilitate the discovery and learning process.

Founded in 1994 as one of the original therapeutic boarding schools for adolescent girls, the Academy at Sisters works diligently with youth and families to improve communication, interactions, heal from the past, and create a solid foundation for the future. Following completion of our program, parents and youth experience more genuine relationships based in mutual respect and trust.

Recognizing when your daughter needs help can be difficult, but early intervention is often the primary key to success. The Academy at Sisters can provide the support she needs.

  • “We were losing our daughter. If someone had come to us and told us she had a terminal illness, we would have done everything in our power to help her. We feel that was the choice we made by enrolling our daughter into the Academy at Sisters. We have our daughter back.”
  • “Five years ago tomorrow would mark when I attended the Academy, I was reluctant at first but looking at me now, I have learned to be empathetic toward people more, I have been able to make a complete 180 in school to the point where I’m a 4.0 student in college and my relationship with my family is the best it has ever been, thank you so much Janice, Brooke, Sandy, and Karin. All of you made such a difference in my life and allowed me to find me 😊 this picture just shows how much I have changed in those 5 years. I learned to love myself, my body, and find my self-confidence!”

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natsapThe Academy at Sisters is a Full Member of NATSAP, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, since 1999.
woodburyThe Academy at Sisters has earned the designation of “Excellence in Education” by Woodbury Reports.
AdvancEDThe Academy at Sisters is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation commission and AdvancED.
DHSThe Academy at Sisters is licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services.
Homeland SecurityThe Academy at Sisters is authorized to accept international students.
odelogoThe Academy at Sisters is a registered school with the Oregon Department of Education.