School Profile

J Bar J Learning Center, located on The Academy at Sister’s campus, provides the education services for students at The Academy at Sisters.

J Bar J Learning Center provides the education services for students at The Academy at Sisters. It is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission /AdvancEd and registered with the Oregon Dept. of Education. In addition, the Learning Center is a contract school with the Bend/LaPine School District.

Our Mission

“To promote integrity and develop critical thinking in an atmosphere of positive relationships and mutual respect.”

Driving our mission, the Learning Center believes that all students are capable of being confident, self-directed, lifelong learners. The school serves students the following ways:

  • Active and authentic learning and assessment
  • Year-round school
  • Small class sizes
  • Direct instruction
  • Highly qualified teachers with advanced degrees and Oregon certification
  • Educational support services
  • Community service learning projects
  • Regular parent updates
  • Personal fitness and healthy lifestyle changes

Oregon High School Graduation Requirements

Student must successfully meet the requirements for a high school diploma set forth by the State of Oregon. The Learning Center requires 26 credits to earn an academic diploma, exceeding Oregon’s minimum requirement. In addition, students are required to meet Personalized Learning requirements, including an education plan and profile, career-related experiences and application, and the Oregon essential skills.

Subject Area Credits
Language Arts 4.0
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
World Studies 1.0
US History 1.0
Government 0.5
Social Studies 0.5
Health 1 0.5
Health 2 0.5
Physical Education 1.0
Career/Tech Arts/2nd Lang 3.0
Electives 8.0
Subject Area Credits

Teaching & Learning Model

The Learning Center has adopted the proficiency-based learning model. It is a student-driven model that allows students to use their strengths, interests, and learning styles to demonstrate proficiency of state content standards through project work samples and activities. Credit is based on proficiency. It allows students to personalize and take ownership of their learning, become critical thinkers, and demonstrate real understanding and application of their learning. Students, with the support of an advisory teacher, have the opportunity to customize courses to honors level.

Transition to Public School

When students reach phase 3 in their treatment, they have the opportunity to transition to Bend High School. This allows them to practice what they’ve learned in treatment as well as take advantage of expanded course offerings and extracurricular school activities, clubs, etc.

Credit Acceptance

Credits granted by an educationally accredited agency are accepted. Likewise, credits earned at The Academy at Sisters transfer to other educational institutions.

Post-Secondary Planning

Preparation for transition to post-secondary education is provided on a limited basis. SAT/ACT prep and testing is individually based, and is not included in monthly tuition. Teacher recommendations are provided for college applications.