The Academy at Sisters offers open year round enrollment for youth who are accepted into our program.

Our goal is to provide therapeutic and academic services that will create a successful outcome upon completion of the program. We work diligently with everyone involved to ensure that when selecting our program for your daughter, we will be equipped to meet her needs on every level.

In light of that goal, our Admissions team will ask that you complete our Application for Admission and provide any psychological and academic testing that has been completed over the past year. In addition, we will encourage you to tour our campus, and meet our team of experienced staff.


Application and Releases

“We were losing our daughter. If someone had come to us and told us she had a terminal illness, we would have done everything in our power to help her. We feel that was the choice we made by enrolling our daughter into the Academy at Sisters. We have our daughter back.”

- Parent, Arizona

The key to a successful experience depends on the best match of program, academics and environment for your daughter and your family. We invite you to contact our Admissions Team to talk about your situation, and find the answers to your immediate needs.

Janice Cummings


PH: 800-910-0412

FX: 541-389-2897