Equine Therapy

The Academy at Sisters provides Certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) as an integral part of our program for all students. Individual and Group sessions are incorporated into the program weekly as an adjunct to traditional therapy. Family sessions are offered during family visitation and parent workshops.

Using horses as a supplement to traditional therapy is a relatively new concept that gained recognition in the mid-1990’s, and has been an incredible addition to our program. EAP assists students in acknowledging problems in their life and educates and empowers them so they may learn to create their own solutions. Youth develop confidence, healthy social skills, assertiveness with setting boundaries, and much more, which translates to all areas of their lives.

Some of the many benefits that students encounter as a result of incorporating horses and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy are:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased self-acceptance
  • Increased ability to identify one’s own emotions
  • Increased ability to access one’s own intuition
  • Increased ability to develop congruency between inner emotions and external expression
  • Increased healthy ego strength
  • Increased ability to develop healthy relationships

In addition to using our horses in the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program, students may enjoy weekly horseback riding and participating in the care and feeding of these inspirational animals.