“Happy Thanksgiving to the staff at the Academy, & to all the girls past & present! It’s been three years, but I still remember my own holidays there. Very grateful that I was able to spend time there & grow as a person.”


“July 2nd 2011 was the day I came to the Academy and it’s so crazy for me to believe it was that long ago because I am COMPLETELY different than I was before I got here. Literally, thanks a ton for all the help and support you gave me in my almost 18 months at the Academy, I appreciate it SO much. You really made things better for my life.”


“I had a call from you a little while ago and completely forgot to get back to you …. soooo sorry! Just a quick update …. but first THANK YOU ALL for truly saving our daughter! I know that might sound a little dramatic, but it is true!!! Heather has turned into a wonderful young woman and I am so happy to say she and I now have a fantastic and loving relationship. She has moved across the country to Montreal and is loving her new found freedom and being responsible for herself. So thanks again and if you ever need a Canadian’s perspective of how safe a family feels once their child is over the boarder – I would be happy to tell them! Lots of love”


“Five years ago tomorrow would mark when I attended the Academy, I was reluctant at first but looking at me now, I have learned to be empathetic toward people more, I have been able to make a complete 180 in school to the point where I’m a 4.0 student in college and my relationship with my family is the best it has ever been, thank you so much Janice, Brooke, Sandy, and Karin. All of you made such a difference in my life and allowed me to find me. This just shows how much I have changed in those 5 years. I learned to love myself, my body, and find my self-confidence!”