Alex Freericks, MSW, CSWA
(she/ her)

Alex (she/her) was born and raised in Arizona, however she spent most of her summers in Alaska, her home away from home. After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Alex pursued a career in environmental education. She enjoyed combining her two passions of working with youth and the outdoors, which lead her to take a job as a wilderness therapy program guide in SE Alaska. As a guide she spent up to fifty days at a time on the ocean canoeing in the backcountry with at-risk youth. Alex spent the next six years working as a field guide, operations coordinator, and finally moving into the role of Assistant Manager. 

Building on her strong foundation of experience from wilderness therapy, Alex deepened her passion for working with youth through experiential therapies by pursuing a graduate degree. She received her Master of Social Work at the University of Denver, specializing in developmental trauma, social emotional learning skills, strength-based interventions, and understanding of how unresolved traumatic experiences create barriers to growth and success. Alex believes in empowering individuals to identify and use their strengths as the catalyst for change in their own lives. She believes that each person has the power to find their own answers. Alex engages the power of self-exploration through the use of creativity and the outdoors, using them both as a tool for her clients to explore themselves and feel success.

In her free time Alex enjoys spending time outdoors and being creative.  She loves skiing, paddling, biking, fishing and river trips with her brother.