Credit Requirements and Transfers

Oregon High School Graduation Requirements

Student must successfully meet the requirements for a high school diploma set forth by the State of Oregon. The Learning Center requires 26 credits to earn an academic diploma, exceeding Oregon’s minimum requirement. In addition, students are required to meet Personalized Learning requirements, including an education plan and profile, career-related experiences and application, and the Oregon essential skills.

Subject AreaCredits
Language Arts4.0
World Studies1.0
US History1.0
Social Studies0.5
Health 10.5
Health 20.5
Physical Education1.0
Career/Tech Arts/2nd Lang3.0

Transition to Public School

When students reach phase 3 in their treatment, they have the opportunity to transition to Bend High School. This allows them to practice what they’ve learned in treatment as well as take advantage of expanded course offerings and extracurricular school activities, clubs, etc. Students also may be able to attend attend classes at Central Oregon Community College.

Credit Acceptance

Credits granted by an educationally accredited agency are accepted. Likewise, credits earned at The Academy at Sisters transfer to other educational institutions.