About Us

Founded in 1994, The Academy at Sisters has long been a leader in therapeutic boarding schools. We have stayed ahead of the curve in innovation. As new understanding and knowledge about therapies for teens has developed over the years we have worked to implement new strategies to better serve our students and help them create better outcomes.

Our Affiliations, Partnerships, and Accreditation Demonstrate Our Commitment to Excellence

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At the Academy at Sisters, we are proud to be accredited by the Council on Accreditation (CoA). Our dedication to Continuous Performance and Quality Improvement has earned us this coveted recognition from CoA. Backed by over 30 national and international organizations, CoA is the gold standard for accrediting human and social service providers. Our commitment to best practice standards is unwavering, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the highest benchmarks.
We are a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). In this organization, we join like-minded programs in a common mission - the holistic growth and well-being of our students. Our NATSAP membership signifies our commitment to provide treatment that reflects our concern for each participant's journey towards healing and growth.
Education is a cornerstone of our mission, and our accreditation through Cognia exemplifies our dedication to academic excellence. Cognia provides us with a research-based performance framework that propels us towards measurable and meaningful improvements. With Cognia we ensure that our students' high school credits are seamlessly transferable.
Through our partnership with Parent Coach Professionals, we empower our students and their families with a unique resource. A third-party parent coach stands by their side, offering a fresh perspective and a solution-focused approach. This partnership transforms challenges into opportunities, enabling parents to build enduring, healthy relationships with their teens and young adults.
The Academy at Sisters is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Contact us for more information.
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Central Oregon Program Alliance is comprised of eight innovative therapeutic programs and schools, each dedicated to empowering adolescents and young adults facing emotional, behavioral, and learning differences. Our collaborative spirit drives us forward, fostering mutual support and continuous growth.

The Academy at Sisters is a program of J Bar J Youth Services, a non-profit operating several programs for youth in Central Oregon.

At the center of all of J Bar J’s programs is the idea that beliefs and self-talk influence decisions and ultimately define one’s life. Mistaken beliefs and destructive self-talk can lead to poor choices.  Mindfulness begins by examining our beliefs and thoughts. Cognitive awareness is, in essence, thinking about thinking. Being mindful is not the same as trying to control emotions. By identifying and interrupting problematic thinking, self-talk like “I’m a bad person,” “I am unlovable,” and “I can’t succeed,” youth in our programs can begin to see how it has impacted their emotions and behaviors.

It’s also important to distinguish between thoughts and emotions. By learning what physical sensations accompany underlying emotions, kids can begin to choose more helpful, adaptive thoughts. This in turn can interrupt negative emotions. Being mindful and nonjudgmental of our emotions is an important tool to regulate their intensity.

J Bar J Youth Services’ mission is offering innovative options for at-risk youth and families who are working toward self-sufficiency and personal responsibility in Central Oregon. See links to our other programs below.

Since 1968, when we have seen an unmet need and youth struggling in Central Oregon, we have added programs to help them. We now have eight separate programs, each providing a spectrum of services. We are the largest social services organization helping youth in Central Oregon.

Central to all of our programs is the idea that our thoughts and beliefs influence our choices, and our choices define our futures. If we can learn recognize unhelpful thoughts and mistaken beliefs, we can choose a brighter future.

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