Annalee Collinson, BS
(she/ her)
Treatment Coordinator & Physical Education Coordinator

AnnaLee has worked at the Academy for almost two years in a variety of roles. Currently, she is focused on being a Treatment Coordinator and the Physical Education Coordinator. Working out and teaching the students how to work out and channel their inner strength is one of her many passions. The students will affirm, the catch phrase during a workout is often “you get out of this, what you put into this” which can be applied to so much more than PE. AnnaLee is currently working toward certification as a personal trainer through NASM.

AnnaLee received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2016 and has volunteered with Big Brother Big Sister for the last ten years and has been paired with the same “little sister” throughout that time. AnnaLee has always been drawn to work with youth. Her hope is to help the kids at the Academy cultivate tools that will serve them when they move on to their next phase of life.  

AnnaLee spends her spare time getting outside, hanging out with her pets (dogs, cats and lizards, oh my!), and divvies up the rest of her hours between reading, exercising and PC gaming.